Dark City

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 Busy As Can Be At Work

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PostSubject: Busy As Can Be At Work   Tue May 19, 2009 12:10 pm

Within the largest campus building all was quiet or at least seemed to be, the halls were quiet and most of the rooms utterly left with a death defining silence, which moments ago was echoed with feet lively stepping with all kinds of students eagerly trying to make it to they're next class. However one individual stayed to further his own experiments, understand and steal all the knowledge he could to further his pursuits, mouse stayed behind as he often thought in the pitch black darkness of a lab room for most part all except for the simple glow of a computer. Gently rubbing his eyes he sat back and flipped a switch to give him better site of his notes.

((Anyway may join.))
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Busy As Can Be At Work
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