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 Enraged Huntress

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PostSubject: Enraged Huntress   Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:51 pm

Artemis was blazing down front street her .357 in her hand and a fiery expression in her eyes. She was looking for a man who would have incentive as to why she was attacked in a hospital when that clearly went beyond the call of duty. She finally found the Mob's base and walked up to its front doors brandishing her gun like a mad woman. Let me in boys... Demetrios and I have problems and he needs to fix them.. She knew she was quicker than these entry level goons so she'd have no problem but the snipers roaming the place had already put a bead on her and she wasn't so sure she could outrun a 50 cal Slug. But she played the over confident warrior as always.

((Demetrios and whoever else wants to join but i Need me a Mob Boss))
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Enraged Huntress
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