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 The Rules I

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PostSubject: The Rules I   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:43 am

This site is much more gritty and violent. There will most likely be romance, sex, violence, and death for your characters depending on how you play them. So be careful how your characters acts. If your character is annoying and is onstantly getting in trouble then your character will be in danger.

Second thing is that there is no super powers here, I want a serious role play site that has a darker feeling to it. Something more twisted and makes a more of a impression for each post.

Now time for the basic other rules.

1. A person's bio must be accepted by an admin before you may start rping with that character.
2. If your gonna have sex then do it in PM's.
3. No GM (God Modding)
4. I know that most will mostly have weapons but don't be pulling out of things out of no where. Also if you have some a gun be reasonable you don't have unlimited ammo being able to move super fast while carring a rocket launcher.
5. Be respect of other member and staff.
6. All in character post most be 2 lines long atleast. You are allowed 1 shorter post for every page in a topic.

More than 1 Characters
To make a second character you must have 250 posts
For your third 250 on your second and 500 posts on your first.
For forth you must have 250 on your third, 500 on your second, and 750 on your first.
It continues on in that manner.
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The Rules I
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